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Subsidiary of SAV Colombia for cargo transportation.

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The opportunity to delve into hundreds of aviation topics.

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SAV Colombia

SAV COLOMBIA It is the acronym for Virtual Air Services of Colombia, possibly the only airline in the world, which has transcended from virtuality to conventional aviation, becoming a great opportunity for those people who have dreamed all their lives of being Pilots and have not yet done so achieved, as well as for aviation school students and private, commercial and military pilots, who passionately love their profession and want to broaden their career vision by flying aircraft that they might reach in the future.

SAV Colombia having the same structure as a conventional airline, allows Pilots to make a career and be up-to-date with the procedures, rules and regulations established by ICAO, in a serious and very professional environment, where real experiences are shared and in the same way, generating a great baggage of knowledge and experiences for our crews.

With the purchase of the first single-engine, operating at the Santa Ana airport (SKGO) in Cartago (Valle-Colombia) since 2014, both the Airline and the SAV Pilot School have gained further momentum.

If you passionately love aviation, if you are a frustrated pilot or dream of being a Pilot, or have your PCA license, take the time to learn about the proposal you now have in your hands; It is a great opportunity to get to know and join this serious and pleasant experience of being part of SAV Colombia and being able to be in the midst of professional Pilots, who will help you in your process.

Enlisting Flight


As a regular procedure in preparing a flight, check the weather report at your origin, destination and alternate. See +

Aerocivil AIP's

Consult the charts (AIP) of the airports of Colombia, on the Aerocivil site, or those of the world, thanks to Jeppesen. See +


Remember to do the full fuel calculations, to go to the destination, to the most distant alternate, as well as to do support and taxiing. See +